Pictures from Ideas for Freedom 2011

Submitted by martin on 13 July, 2011 - 2:07

For a report of IFF 2011, click here.

Singing the Internationale at the end of IFF; listening to debate

Notts councillor Greg Marshall on Labour and the fight against cuts; Jade Baker of NUS Women's Committee in her workshop with Esther Townsend and Rosie Woods on socialist feminism

Liverpool Guild of Students vice president Bob Sutton in the closing session; NUT striker Joe Flynn in the opening film showing

RMT activist Becky Crocker opens Ideas for Freedom by relating the themes of Eisenstein's Strike to the class struggle now. Chair: Daniel Lemberger Cooper

Anarchism or Marxism? Iain McKay debates Martin Thomas. Chair: Heather Shaw

Owen Jones (right) and Daniel Randall, aka the Ruby Kid, on Chavs, the demonisation of the working class and working-class culture

Saturday night: Faryal presents her films Pictures of Zain and What You Looking At?

Paul Hampton on Lenin. Chair: Gemma Short

Janine Booth on Poplar, a Labour council that stood with the working class and successfully defied the last Liberal-Tory coalition, in the 20s

John McDonnell on how, instead of emulating Poplar, Ken Livingstone's GLC sold out. Chair: West Yorkshire councillor Mark Catterall

"It's their wealth that's unsustainable!" Notts NUT secretary Liam Conway gives the final speech of IFF 2011.

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