Andy Murray: strike-breaker?

Submitted by Matthew on 29 June, 2011 - 12:03

I was amused to see the integral role played by tennis stars in Britain's industrial relations being reaffirmed recently when the Evening Standard enlisted Andy Murray and Elena Baltacha in its ongoing hate campaign against Tube workers and their union, the RMT.

Baltacha was said to be “worried” by the strikes, and the Standard had Murray, in a front-page lead headline, “pleading” for the strikes to be called off.

In reality, all that either of them had said was that they “hoped it all gets sorted out” — hardly the kind of spittle-flecked anti-strike invective the Standard likes to employ.

Murray and Baltacha will surely have been delighted, then, to see that the dispute was indeed “sorted out” by the workers winning reinstatement for their sacked colleague.

Game, set and match to the RMT.

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