Teachers strike to save jobs

Submitted by Matthew on 11 May, 2011 - 12:36

It’s 11 days of strike action and counting for National Union of Teachers (NUT) members at Rawmarsh School in Rotherham, and they’re showing no sign of giving in.

Teachers are fighting against job losses. Strike action has already brought redundancies down from 25 to two.

One of the jobs which remains under threat is that of the school’s NUT rep (surprise, surprise). NUT members weren’t about to give in and let management have their final revenge, so before Easter they voted to continue action until the rep’s job was safe.

Two days of strike action last week have so far provided no response from management; members are prepared to continue their action if necessary.

The action the members at Rawmarsh have taken should be an inspiration to the labour movement. It has shown how struggle can strengthen the union.

More important, it has started to show what sort of union we need; that turning individual casework into collective action can beat redundancies.

John Dalton, the Divisional Secretary of Rotherham NUT said:

“It is unfair that teachers should lose their jobs and pupils’ education should suffer because of the failures of those whose job it is to manage the school.

“NUT members are fighting for their jobs and children’s education — the two are inseparable.”

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