Socialism must mean more democracy

Submitted by Matthew on 4 May, 2011 - 10:54

The AWL is right to demand “democracy at every level” of society (Solidarity 200). It’s important, because as well as opposing cuts, we should be demanding a more greater say in how our workplaces and communities are run.

If there was more genuine democracy in the UK, then maybe the credit crunch might not have happened. The financial system has revealed itself as accountable to nobody. A deregulated system meant that the banks operated like gambling casinos. Governments have been too timid in monitoring and controlling the system. And we’re paying the price in lost jobs.

We need a banking system that puts ordinary bank workers and customers in control. We need workers and the ordinary people who use banks being given more power over what banks do. That would quickly end the outrageous bank bonus payments in the City.

Socialism must mean more democracy.

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