Monday 21 February at 2pm Rally outside the Kurdistan Regional Government London office

Submitted by karen johnson on 20 February, 2011 - 11:00

Monday 21 February at 2pm Rally outside the Kurdistan Regional Government London office (KRG) 8th Floor, Winchester House, 259-269 Old Marylebone Road NW1 5RA Edgware Road Tube and march to Downing St.

The rally ends a 48 hour protest called by freedom umbrella of organisations representing both Kurdish community and political organisations in the UK.
The rally was called to protest against the Kurdistan Democratic Parties (KDP -one of the ruling parties of Northern Iraq) shooting of peaceful protestors in Sulaimaniya on 17 February. Thousands of protestors gathered in Sulaimaniya as an act of solidarity with workers in Tunisia and Egypt. KDP militia fired at the demonstrators killing nine and seriously injuring forty seven.

Following the tragedy in Sulaimaniya on the 17 February protests have spread all across Iraqi Kurdistan. The demonstrators are calling for an end to political corruption in Kurdistan and victory to all workers across the Middle East. The KDP have responded to this by increasing the presence of armed militia in all cities across Kurdistan

International Federation of Iraqi refugees demands that:
KRG put on trial the militia responsible for the murder of the people killed on the 17 February;
end to the occupation of all Kurdish cities by the KDP militia;
Release immediately all the people who have been arrested in connection with 17 February protest.

International Federation of Iraqi refugees ask all freedom loving people in the UK, MPs, trade unions and political parties to come along to the demo supporting the Kurdish uprising against corruption.

For more information about the protest please contact:

Dashty Jamal 078560 32991

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