Women of Hull Against the Cuts

Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2011 - 4:25

With a grand total of one woman regularly attending the local trade union organised anti-cuts committee and only a handful active in the student movement in Hull, the need for women to organise collectively here is dramatic!

One of the few women’s centres in Hull has just had a 100 percent funding cut and is quietly preparing to close. The work it does around sex education in an area with one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe and the help it gives women leaving violent relationships and its nursery are being replaced with… nothing.

Women of Hull Against Cuts (WHAC) is a small but ambitious group of local activists.

We know that when the council cuts local care provision (as it is doing) it will be mostly women who pick up the slack and change bed sheets rather than leave their relatives lying in filth.

WHAC will have had our third meeting by the time WF goes to press. Currently we are focused on building the group, and intervening in existing anti-cuts bodies in Hull, encouraging women’s participation.

At a public meeting about the cuts a WHAC member was one of two women on the 12 strong platform. We have had a strong presence on both the Manchester TUC demonstration and at the anti-EDL rally in Luton.

We have also been instrumental in getting the Women’s Committee at Hull University to hold a meeting encouraging women students to run in the sabbatical elections.

We are hoping to grow enough to be able to mobilise as WHAC and are planning to hold a public meeting on the 100th International Women’s Day.

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