For a national network of women fighting the cuts

Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2011 - 3:32

In Merseyside, London, Hull and elsewhere Women Against the Cuts groups have been formed in response to the Tory/Liberal cuts. Other already existing groups — such as Feminist Fightback in London and Newcastle Claimants Group have also been working on how the cuts affect women.

We need to discuss how to develop a national network to help mobilise working class women in the fight to stop the Tory/Liberal cuts, to help overcome the domination of men in the anti-cuts campaigns and to fight for a better society. All socialists and anti-cuts activists should be part of that discussion.

We should pass policy in our trade unions and student unions to support and help establish such groups and encourage discussion about how the cuts will affect women. We should make sure International Women’s Day events in March are orientated towards anti-cuts activity.

When working class women start to organise they transform themselves and the labour movement. It is the working class who have the industrial strength to stop the cuts but when we fight we not only have industrial strength to stop attacks on jobs and services but we begin to challenge the daily sexism that we face.

The sort of women’s movement we need is one based on demands that affect working class women’s lives and one’s that challenge the core assumptions of capitalism.

A network of women trade union activists, socialists, feminists, anti-capitalist and community activists will strengthen the battle against the cuts but will also help start a discussion about how we build a working class women’s movement.

What do readers think?

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