The Collapse of the USSR - Sympoium issue of Workers' Liberty [ No16, February 1992]

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WL 16

  • Editorial: in the beginning was the critique of capitalism
  • Stalinism, the left, and beyond: a symposium with:
    Neville Alexander
    Neal Ascherson
    Tony Benn
    Greg Benton
    Robin Blackburn
    Cornelius Castoriadis
    Tony Chater
    Vladimir Derer
    Terry Eagleton
    Michael Farrell
    Al Glotzer
    Fred Halliday
    Boris Kagarlitsky
    Jim Kemmy
    Ernesto Laclau
    Ronnie MacDonald
    Livio Maitan
    Sean Matgamna [Editorial]
    Ralph Miliband
    Alec Nove
    Michel Pablo (Raptis)
    John Palmer
    Jozef Pinior
    Maxime Rodinson
    Paul Sweezy
    Nina Temple
    Hillel Ticktin
    Michel Warshawsky
    Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Reviews

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