From "Militant" to the Socialist Party: a collection

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The Socialist Party held a special conference on 21 July to discuss issues from the conflict in the international network linked to the SP (Committee for a Workers’ International, CWI). Delegates representing around 200 members, have chosen to split away from the SP and align themselves with the majority in the CWI. Articles on the Socialist Party tradition.

  • Background on special conference

  • The Crisis in the CWI

  • All articles on the Socialist Party

  • The curious incident of the left that didn't bark (2017)

  • An encounter with the shy Bishop Taaffe (2011)

  • Will the SP debate Libya? (2011)

  • Who are the Socialist Party? (2011)

  • Debate over the NATO intervention in Libya (2011)

  • The "No2EU" campaign (2009)

  • Why Does the Socialist Party Boycott Its Own Politics? Gaza and "Socialism" as Evasion and Placebo (2009)

  • The Socialist Party and the union bureaucracies (2010)

  • The Tragic Fiasco of Liverpool City Council Under Militant/Socialist Party Leadership (1984-5)

  • Liverpool: what went wrong?: a critique of Militant's choice, when leading Liverpool Labour council in 1984, to do a deal with the Tories rather than lead the Liverpool labour movement into battle alongside the miners

  • Militant on Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s

  • The Afghan Tragedy and the Socialist Party (Militant) (1985)

  • The Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and a critique of Militant's support for Stalinist Russia's war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan (1981)

  • The poverty of anti-imperialism and today's left

  • Why the Alliance for Workers' Liberty separated from the Socialist Party's predecessor

  • The RSL (Militant) in the 1960s: a study in passivity (an account written as an introduction to a 1990s reprint of What We Are And What We Must Become)

  • "Seedbed of the left": the origins of today's Militant/SP and SWP in the Labour youth movement of the 1960s

  • What We Are And What We Must Become, the critique of 1960s Militant which also became the founding document of the AWL tendency

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