Stop locking up children!

Submitted by Matthew on 8 December, 2010 - 10:56 Author: Dan

Despite the government’s pledge to end the detention of child migrants, no definite plan has yet been proposed to make sure that the powers currently being used to detain children are abolished. Children are still being locked up!

A recent report by the Medical Justice Network provides details on dawn raids used against families, issues of malnourishment in detention centres, reports of violence and assault on detainees and the development of severe psychological trauma and physical health problems amongst child detainees.

The statistics are a real horror story; 79% of children were “particularly traumatised during a dawn raid” with 10% witnessing or experiencing violence; parents reported that 47% of children would not eat the food provided in detention centres, with 8% being unable to eat the food without vomiting. 97% of children demonstrated “behavioural changes”, with 78% expressing fear, anxiety or distress. Six children had thoughts about suicide either during or after their detention and three girls attempted to commit suicide.

The detention of children demonstrates the complete lack of regard capitalist governments have for human life. It should be abhorred by every person on the planet and must be ended.

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