What is 'barricade'?

Submitted by AWL on 10 September, 2010 - 12:29

Welcome to barricade, a new socialist zine for young people produced by members, supporters and friends of Workers' Liberty, a revolutionary socialist organisation active in working-class struggle in the UK. barricade is a space where young people can learn about socialist ideas and the history of working-class struggle, but this isn't a political theory textbook or a history book. It's a place where young people who're involved in activist politics – or who want to become involved in activist politics – can share, discuss and debate ideas. Every issue will feature reports of ongoing campaigns, activist news from the UK and around the world, and more. barricade belongs to the people who read it; if you've got something to say, write for Barricade and make it your own.

No prior knowledge or political experience is required to get involved with barricade; just a healthy contempt for bosses, bureaucrats, Tories, New Labour types, smug Lib Dems, middle-class moralisers, homophobes, racists, sexists, bigots of all varieties, the Royal Family and other parasites, and the rich in general. So if you...

...have ever worked in a shitty job for crap wages and been pushed around by your boss
...think that there's something wrong with a society in which a tiny minority controls all the wealth
...think that racism and fascism and those, like the BNP, who peddle them can fuck off
...resent the fact that education is mostly just training for the workplace and, if we make it to university, we have to pay through the nose for the privilege of getting it
…know which side you're on when any group of workers, anywhere in the world, take on their bosses

...then barricade is for you. barricade isn't just words on a page; if you agree with the revolutionary socialist politics barricade fights for, then get involved. Take copies to sell or distribute at your school, college or workplace and discuss the ideas. Happy troublemaking....

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