CWU cancels ballot for BT strike

Submitted by AWL on 15 July, 2010 - 8:54 Author: A telecom worker

On Monday 5 July, the Communications Workers’ Union cancelled a ballot of its members on strike action over pay at British Telecom.

The cancellation was made before the counting of the votes had been completed, and on the day the ballot result was due.

The CWU has said that it had received legal advice that information provived about workplace addresses had not been properly given to the employer. This made the union vulnerable to an injunction by BT bosses.

All that seems to be true and an injunction was quite possible in the current political climate.

However it leaves the union needing to urgently discuss what to do next.

As we go to press the union is still due to reballot and to consult branches. At the same time they expect to hold talks with the employers. It could be the case that BT are willing to offer a little bit more on their current pay offer. Whether that is true or not, CWU negotiators need to remember that they are mandated to fight for the full 5% BT workers are demanding.

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