New rules, same BNP

Submitted by cathy n on 5 March, 2010 - 11:13 Author: Dan Angell

The BNP have changed their membership rules allowing "non whites" into the realms of party membership. Although the stunt has gained much attention, anti-fascists know full well how little difference this will make to party policy.

Let us make no mistake about it; the BNP will always remain, at its leadership and rank and file, a racist organisation. A party on the extreme right, a party holding firm links to violent neo-Nazi organisations and a party seeking to wreck working class relations within Britain’s towns and cities. The BNP are an ever-growing and serious fascist threat, with deep-seated racism still at its very core.

To simply stop being a fundamentally racist organisation is contrary to the BNP’s policies, ideas and reason. Their agenda for over two decades has been almost entirely centred on the idea of a complete end to non-white immigration and complete repatriation for those already living in Britain. It would be barmy to say they are not racist.

A glimpse into Nick Griffins past says it all. He has outspokenly denied the holocaust, been charged with incitement of racial hatred, given speeches at KKK meetings, led the old National Front marches sporting ‘white power’ t-shirts and referred to those suffering after the recent disaster in Haiti as ‘rioting ingrates’. No court injunction will end this foul racist attitude. He is a fascist. He is a genuine political mobster creeping and lying his way into the possibility of becoming an MP.

The BNP should always be viewed as racist regardless of legislation, because of who they are and what they stand for. They must never be perceived as the party for the working class, because of their stark and barefaced anti working class politics. Any parliamentary success would wreck social conditions within that constituency and effect healthy inter-racial relations across the country. Communities will be led to suffer from their dangerous and malignant policies and ideas. We must never retreat in the exposing who they are, however mainstream they present themselves.

The forced development within its party constitution must not be perceived as anything of a victory. The injunction may in fact widen their support. If we don’t respond they may be allowed further into the political mainstream, posing as a credible party, whilst continuing to grow as a dangerous, fascist organisation. It is critical to firmly re-enforce the truth about the BNP’s racism, and to continue to raise working class arguments based on socialist ideas as a serious and effective response to tackling their immediate dangers.

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