How to post audio files to this website

Submitted by martin on 24 February, 2010 - 1:01 Author: Martin Thomas

The audio files are hosted and played from the Podomatic website, with a button or a link on our website pointing to them.

To put up audio files in this way:

1. Record what you want put up, with a digital recorder.

2. If you're recording a meeting or a discussion with several speakers, record each speaker as a separate file. (I.e. press the Stop button after each speaker, and the Record button when the next speaker starts).

3. Transfer the audio files to a computer.

4. Process them with Audacity. It seems that mostly four bits of processing are needed:

a) Chop off any rough bits at start and end of the file.

b) Apply High Pass Filter

c) Apply Bass Boost

d) Apply Amplify

5. Export the processed files to mp3 format with 64kbps quality. Enter "title", "artist", etc. information (including, somewhere, the date of the recording).

6. Go to Log in (ask office for username and password). Upload the files. Then go to "My Podcast" and re-order so that the files you've just uploaded come after the 12 October debate files, and in the right order.

7. Copy the "Permalinks" for your files, and use them to make links from a posting on

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