"Son of No2EU" goes public as "TUSC"

Submitted by martin on 15 January, 2010 - 9:30 Author: Martin Thomas

The Socialist Party has now gone public on the long-secretly-negotiated-about "son of No2EU" project.

"There will now be an election challenge, under the newly-registered electoral banner, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)....

"Places have been reserved on the committee for the core organisations which participated in No2EU, who will now decide on their involvement in the new coalition".

(I.e., apart from the SP, they haven't decided in favour of involvement - or not yet anyway, after seven and a half months of mulling it over. RMT has decided against, though RMT branches can apply to the RMT Exec for support for local TUSC candidates).

The SP publishes "core policies" for the coalition. This text reads like a scissors and paste of SP and CPB material - with more of SP, thus, more leftist than you would expect from a CPB-dominated text. The anti-EU theme is there, but lower down the list. There is no explicit call against "the so-called free movement of labour", as in No2EU, but there is nothing positive on migrant and asylum rights.

The themes of workers' representation, workers' control, workers' government do not appear.

The SWP's "Party Notes" (11 January) say: “[SWP] Conference agreed that the SWP should be part of the new socialist and trade union coalition, backed by Bob Crow, Socialist Party, CPB and RMT branches that will stand in a few seats in the general election”.

Whether the coalition is backed by the CPB is still unclear. There is no public statement.


Submitted by Newcastle on Sun, 17/01/2010 - 20:14

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