Leninism, The Comintern and Putschism

Submitted by AWL on 26 September, 2009 - 4:51 Author: Julius Jacobson [Falk]

An Introductory Note

The following review of Max Shachtman's article, "American Communism: A Re-examination of the Past" (published in the Fall 1957 issue of the New International) was written about seven months ago. It was submitted for a scheduled issue of the New International that was not to appear because of the specific conditions under which unity between the Independent Socialist League and the Socialist Party was finally consummated.

That it has taken me this time to get my discussion into print is only evidence of the technical and financial obstacles encountered in publishing it as a personal project. Given the importance of comrade Shachtman's "Re-examination," however, a six month delay is better than dropping the discussion altogether. While comrade Shachtman might have the last word in such a discussion, if he wanted it, it would be unpardonable and misleading for the record to show that this "Re-examination" by the lost National Chairman of the Independent Socialist League was the last and only published word in a discussion he introduced.

March, 1959
Julius Falk [Jacobson]

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