The Tube: waiting game

Submitted by Newcastle on 30 July, 2009 - 6:30

The RMT on London Underground is playing a waiting game at the moment.

Following the disruptive strike action in June, drawn-out negotiations have produced an extra 0.5% on pay, minor commitments to end abuses to the sickness procedure but, crucially, no guarantees on job security. Reps met to decide to give London Underground a deadline of 29 July to talk to the union again and come up with more. Reps will meet again on 30 July to decide whether to go ahead and name more strike dates.

Since the first strikes, reps in well-organised areas have been arguing to go ahead straight away, in case we lose momentum. Others were concerned that members were not fully aware of why we were striking, the importance of the no compulsory redundancies agreement we are defending and the argument that we should not sacrifice pay during a recession. Intensive campaigning around the region over the last weeks, including a mailout to all members, should have put this right.

There are talks scheduled on Wednesday 29th as this paper goes to press.

We can’t be too hopeful, as London Underground don’t tend to talk seriously without the pressure of more strikes. Thursday’s meeting will probably have to vote to name more dates. We hope the RMT’s executive listens to this meeting and responds promptly, as further foot-dragging could begin to drain away the confidence we have worked hard to build up.

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