Come to Climate Camp!

Submitted by AWL on 30 July, 2009 - 2:46

Come to the Camp for Climate Action 2009! 27 August – 2 September, somewhere inside the M25.

Preparations are under way for this year’s climate camp. Workers’ Climate Action invite all activists, militants, trade unionists and young people to come and help build a movement to fight the destruction of our planet.

The camp will be held on a site in London in order to target the City of London. This year’s economic crisis has demonstrated more sharply than ever that the capitalist system offers no solution to the ecological disaster that faces us.

Come both to discuss how we link up the fight against the bosses who would throw millions into unemployment and trash the planet for the sake of preserving their power and wealth.

Attend practical workshops and learn the skills that we will need in all arenas of struggle as everywhere the fightback steps up, from how to build a bicycle sound system to how to climb over a barbed wire fence.

Come and take part in mass decision making, meet people, experience living, cooking, building, washing and organising as part of a demonstration of collective sustainability.

Workshop sessions include:

• Women and the miners’ strike — how ideas change through struggle

• Occupy the Factories! The lessons of Visteon and Vestas

• Migrant workers, ecology and the Lindsey oil refinery walkouts.

• Climate change is a class issue!


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