And you think MPs are bad?

Submitted by martin on 14 May, 2009 - 12:32

From the Financial Times: "Shareholders are taken for a far bigger ride by their C-suites [top bosses] than UK taxpayers are by their MPs.... Opponents of John Thain leaked to the media that the one-time chief executive of Merrill Lynch had treated himself to a $1.2m office makeover, with $87,000 rugs, $25,000 pedestal table and $68,000 credenza. But for every case that makes headlines, thousands do not. Which accounts department queries the spa treatment in the boss’s hotel bill or questions helicopter trips to far-off golf courses? C-suites around the world are, with few exceptions, hypocritical in the extreme, demanding austerity from workforces while living high on the hog themselves..."

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