Fund drive for £18,000: Help support the fight for Workers' Liberty!

Submitted by AWL on 29 October, 2008 - 10:46

The financial crisis which is rocking the capitalist system and destroying the ideas that have sustained the capitalists during the latest phase of globalisation is opening up new possibilities to explain unfalsified Marxism to a wider audience.

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, through our paper Solidarity, has a unique voice on the British left. On key domestic and international political questions we advocate a clear working-class perspective. We produce a paper to provide a working-class antidote to the lies, poison, tittle-tattle and trivia which is the daily diet provided by the mainstream media.

The Labour Party’s leaders are our enemies, and the current set of union leaders are sluggish, incoherent and passive. The labour movement needs our voice and organisation.

We also produce our paper to challenge others on the would be left whose ideas have become so confused, incoherent and corrupted that some will even bloc with political Islamists. We believe that if the left is to become relevant again — and we now have a chance to make a big step in that direction — we must throw off the reformist and Stalinist ideas that have inserted themselves into the programmes, arguments and mindset of much that passes for socialist politics and organisation.

The AWL is also an activist organisation. We work in the unions; we are active in the student movement and in campaigns such as No Sweat, Feminist Fightback, Workers’ Climate Action, migrants’ rights initiatives and anti-fascist organisations.

If you value the work we do, and if you believe that the ideas we fight for are important, consider helping us to grow and expand in the next ten months of our fund drive. We have no rich backers, we rely on our supporters and readers. Practical things you can do:

1. Support us by taking a few copies of our paper to circulate at work or college (contact our office for details);

2. Give us money each month by standing order: contact our office or download a form from our website . Or donate via our members or online.

Send cheques made payable to “AWL” to our office: AWL, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA;

3. Contact us to discuss joining the AWL.

• We have received £1690 in monthly standing orders from new members and a £150 donation from Pat from Northampton – an accumulated total of £1840 to kick-start our fund drive.

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