Southeastern Strikes

Submitted by Off The Rails on 22 September, 2008 - 11:32

Workers on Southeastern Trains are striking about two separate issues - guards and drivers against the extension of dirver-only operation (DOO), and retail and engineering staff against a below-inflation pay offer. The strikes take place on 22-23 September.

The new 395 Hitachi 'Javelin' trains are management's pretext to extend DOO, leaving up to 1,000 passengers per train without the protection of a guard. ASLEF should join the action: the loss of the guards affects drivers’ safety and workload too.

Meanwhile, Southeastern's directors continue to line their own pockets with massive fat-cat salaries while expecting their workers to take a real-terms pay cut. They have even had the cheek to say that the derisory 4.3% pay offer will be reduced to 4.1% if we don't accept it!

The only answer to this appalling Scrooge-like behaviour is to hit them where it hurts - with a solid strike, followed by more action if necessary.

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