RMT: Suggested Rule Changes

Submitted by Off The Rails on 22 September, 2008 - 11:36

Off The Rails will be arguing for a rule change in the unions to give some formal status to strike committees. As RMT holds a 'rule change' AGM next year, we will be proposing a new rule that when the union goes into dispute, it will recognise a strike committee elected by the workers involved, which will have the right to submit proposals regarding the conduct of the strike to the union's Executive (General Grades Committee / Shipping Committee), and will be asked its opinion of any offer from the employer before the union decides whether or not to accept it.

Other possible RMT rule changes that we have discussed include:

  • a larger, more representative, RMT AGM (there was an article about this in OTR Autumn 2007)
  • reducing the requirement to have been an RMT member for five years before being eligible for election as an AGM delegate
  • creation of an elected national Equalities Officer
  • introducing election statements for candidates in all RMT elections, so that members have something to go on when voting in branch meetings, not just the recommendation of someone who knows a candidate and thinks he is a ‘good bloke’
  • replacing the practice whereby resolutions to the AGM are ruled out as ‘covered’ by another resolution with a compositing process

Please contact Off The Rails to discuss these proposals, or for model resolutions to take to your branch.

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