Political Representation

Submitted by Off The Rails on 22 September, 2008 - 11:12

New Labour privatised the Tube, refused to renationalise the railways, carved up public services and charged people to go to university. A decade on, it is attacking civil liberties, cutting public sector workers' pay, and abandoning public housing.

Labour has haemorraghed support not for doing anything too riskily left-wing, but by being rampantly right wing.

Workers deserve better. We need our unions to break with Blair-Brownism, to reassert the idea that workers need a party of our own - one that serves the working class the way that the Tories (and now New Labour) serve the employers. The alternative to New Labour is not the nationalists who won in Glasgow East nor the Tories who seem set to win the next General Election - but a genuine, socialist, working-class voice.

That will come not by replacing Brown with some equally right-wing but more media-friendly face, but by ditching treacherous policies and championing socialism. We should support those few socialist Labour MPs such as John McDonnell who fight in Parliament in support of our issues. But we will also have to look to standing our own candidates against Labour traitors.

RMT's recent AGM voted to support and set up local workers' representation committees to identify and promote candidates who deserve our support. This is a very good way forward, but will remain a paper policy unless rank-and-file activists take it up and make it happen. Contact Off The Rails if you want to help us do this.

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