Two critiques: "Empire" and "new imperialism"

Submitted by martin on 12 January, 2008 - 9:22 Author: Martin Thomas

Download this article (pdf). It discusses the issues round “globalisation” by way of two critiques, of Negri-Hardt and of the “new imperialism” theory of John Rees, Alex Callinicos and other writers associated with the British SWP.

Both accounts have a theological taste to them. But where Negri’s and Hardt’s is enthusiastic, mystical theology, Callinicos’s is the theology of the worldly-wise, “moderate” prelate of a modern established church.

Both Hardt/Negri and Callinicos/Rees slide off the narrow and slippery path of scientific analysis — substituting speculative construction for empirical investigation in one case, dragging the ill-fitting costume of yesterday’s theory onto today’s reality so as better to be able to agitate about “imperialism — just like Lenin condemned” in the other.

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