Solidarity 461, 7 February 2018

Afrin: Erdogan cracks down on Turkish dissent


Gemma Short

Eleven members of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) were arrested on 30 January following the publication of a statement by the TMA condemning Turkey′s military action in Afrin, Syria. The statement called for an end to all hostilities and warned that war posed a threat to public health. The Turkish government, along with Syrian rebels, launched an assault on Kurdish-controlled Afrin in Syria on 21 January.

Industrial news in brief


Eduardo Tovar, Gemma Short, Ollie Moore, Peggy Carter and Charlotte Zalens

On 22-23 February, campuses across the country will see the first of 14 days of strikes announced by the University and College Union (UCU).

London Young Labour shows dangers for the left

On Saturday 3 February, the AGM of London Young Labour took place at University College London. The conference was attended by about 350 young Labour members from across London, and passed good policy about defending free movement and working with the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, on social housing, and on creating the role of a trans officer on the committee.

Stories of transition: the 2017 Booker novels


Matt Kinsella

The 2017 shortlist for the Booker literary prize for novels contained three debut novels: Fiona Mozley’s Elmet, Emily Fridlund’s History of Wolves, and the eventual Booker winner, Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders.

Top 5% own 60% of financial wealth

Editorial from Solidarity 461

The top 5% in Britain own 60% of all financial wealth, that is, of the wealth that brings power. Wealth inequality has been increasing since the Thatcher years, and has jumped again in the last ten years.

Letter: Young girls and the hijab


Mark Sandell

I am writing in support of the original policy of St Stephen’s School in Newham to stop girls under eight wearing the hijab at school. (The school reversed the policy after a petition campaign). The head, Neena Lall, has received death threats.

Who are the US “alt-right”?


Ira Berkovic

Much has been written about the so-called “alt-right”. The term has been used to describe quite different phenomena.

NUS: Unite the student left


Ruaridh Anderson

NUS Conference 2018 will be marked by a showdown between the left and the right.

The left wing of conference will be made up of students whose politics centre on the Corbyn surge: supporters of the Labour left and socialism, however defined. The rightwing president Shakira Martin has distanced herself from this left, instead organising a high-profile review of Further Education with Vince Cable, the Lib-Dem bigwig whose party oversaw the tripling of tuition fees when it was last in government in 2009.

HDV: death of a sell-off


Simon Nelson

The resignation of Claire Kober, the Blairite leader of Haringey Council, has left the Haringey Development Vehicle, the scheme her leadership had championed, in tatters. It was a victory for the Stop HDV campaign and the Labour activists who had systematically worked to select candidates for the May council election who opposed the sell-off of £2 billion of public land, the destruction of social housing, and a partnership with the blacklisting giant Lendlease.

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