Solidarity 097, 10 August 2006

Trotsky on the national question

By Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky was murdered by an agent of the Stalinist USSR in August 1940. Leon Trotsky was a great defender of the traditions pursued by the Bolshevik Party when they made a revolution in Russia in 1917. One of the Bolshevik’s great contributions to socialist ideas was their approach to the national question.

An open letter to a demonstrator against the war on Lebanon

Stop the slaughter!
Israel out of Lebanon!
Stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilians!

This is a demonstration against Israel and the USA. We are together here because we oppose the policy and "strategy" of Bush and Blair... most of the ideas and more or less all of the policies advocated by the leaders of the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ make no sense... You hold to some or all of the following ideas.


The slow suicide of the left


This article will do no more than tabulate some of the symptoms and some of the causes of the political and moral chaos that has engulfed the erstwhile “revolutionary left”. In pursuit of “anti-imperialism” the most numerous force on the left — the SWP — is now in close alliance and makes solidarity with clerical-fascists such as Hamas and Hizbollah.

Stop the slaughter!

The Israeli armed forces have inflicted a vast destruction on the infrastructure of Lebanese economic and social life. They have killed hundreds of civilians.

The difference between the deliberate slaughter of civilians, the trade-mark of all the clerical-fascist organisations, and “collateral” civilian casualties in a military operation is blurred by Israel’s recklessness and indifference to civilian casualties.

Who are Hizbollah?

By Clive Bradley

The Lebanese political system, from 1943 until its collapse in the 1970s, enshrined the religious divisions in the population. There was a Christian president, a Sunni Muslim prime minister (and a much weaker Shi’a Speaker of the House); parliamentary seats were allocated with six Christians to every five Muslims. The Shi’a Muslims were often poor, and this “confessional” system discriminated against them.

The left that backs Hizbollah

By Ruben Lomas

“Only they who can keep their heart strong and their will as sharp as a sword when the general disillusionment is at its worst can be regarded as a fighter for the working class or called a revolutionary.”

Antonio Gramsci

Against two states

By Paddy Dollard

Socialist Worker has come out against a two-state solution to the Jewish Arab conflict (Alex Callinicos, SW 5 August).

The French far-left responds

Joan Trevor looks at what some of the French left say about Lebanon

In an unusual collaboration, the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR) issued a statement jointly with the French section of the Lebanese Communist Party (PCL) for the demonstration in Paris on 29 July. The march was organised with these slogans:

• Solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people

• An immediate halt to the bombings

• International mediation for exchange of prisoners

• No to alignment of France with American policy

Defend Monica Ali!

By Dan Katz

Following a small — 60-strong — march in Brick Lane, East London, the companies involved in making a film of Monica Ali’s novel, Brick Lane have unfortunately caved in to the protestors’ demand that they stop filming in the area.

This protest is the latest in a number of reactionary, communialist/religious mobilisations aimed at preventing critical voices discussing religious stupidities or backward practices inside minority communities.

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