Solidarity 080, 22 September 2005

Borhan Divargar Is Free!

After an international campaign of solidarity, Iranian trade union activist Borhan Divargar has released from prison (see Solidarity 3/79 for more details).

From Worker Communist Party of Iran (Hekmatist): “The release of Borhan Divargar is an important victory for all of us and it marks a new chapter in workers international solidarity movement. Without your consorted efforts, without the tremendous pressure exerted by you on the Islamic Republic authorities this great humanitarian achievement would have been impossible.

Don't Boycott World Pride

From Outrage!

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has endorsed a boycott of World Pride, which is due to be held in Jerusalem in 2006 (see the statement by Diane Langford of the PSC on the website

OutRage! opposes the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the abuse of Palestinian human rights.

We would endorse World Pride including the slogan “No Pride in the Israeli Occupation”

On The Web

There is a new blog spot on our webiste: This includes a detailed report and impressions from a first time delegate to TUC conference.

Baylissgate. What’s that? It’s the storm that is blowing in Amicus union right now. A scandal over alleged dealings between one top union official and a dodgy businessman.

The hot topics of debate on our website right now are:

What We Do

On Saturday 1 October the AWL begins a series of nationally-organised political day schools for our members, sympathisers, and friends. To organise these schools was one of the major decisions of our 2005 AWL conference, held in May.

Target BNP

The GMB have launched an anti-fascist/anti-BNP campaign in the run up to the 2006 elections. The aims of Target BNP are:

• Legislation to deny trade union membership to members and active supporters of fascist organisations.

• A co-ordinated trade union campaign against the BNP.

• Support for positive policies on the development of social housing, the introduction of contract compliance and the development of local health care plans. To tackled urban blight and the causes of fascism.

A Musicians' Fund

A musicians’ fund has been set up to help New Orleans’ musicians who have lost everything. This is from the person who has set up the fund, Stan King

Who Will Rebuild New Orleans?

Solidarity spoke to Joanna Dubinsky, a resident of the 9th Ward in New Orleans and a member of the US socialist organisation Solidarity. She plans to return to New Orleans to work with Community Labor United and the People’s Hurricane Fund in their struggle to build a socially and economically just city. She can be reached at

The Real Heroes Of The Relief Effort

Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky, two paramedics attending a conference, were trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

Two days after Hurricane Katrina struck the Walgreen’s store at the corner of Royal and Iberville streets remained locked. The dairy display case was visible through the widows. It was now 48 hours without electricity, running water, plumbing. The milk, yogurt, and cheeses were beginning to spoil in the 90-degree heat. The owners and managers had locked up the food, water, pampers, and prescriptions and fled the city.

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