Solidarity 036, 4 September 2003

No Sweat goes to Mexico

By Mick Duncan

A No Sweat study trip set off on Saturday 20 September for a 10 day visit to independent union activists in Puebla, central Mexico.
No Sweat will discuss with maquila workers, and activists at the massive VW car plant - site of the oldest independent trade union in Mexico. We will meet representatives of the Zapatistas and join the CAT workers' organising centre on their educational theatre tour.

Starved, homeless, destitute: the reality behind the tabloid hysteria

'S' did not apply for asylum on arrival at Heathrow Airport. He did not know that asylum could be claimed at passport controls in an airport. Instead, he applied for asylum the day after his arrival.
Under legislation which came into effect this January - which denies any form of assistance, including accommodation and even food, to asylum-seekers who do not apply for asylum on arrival - 'S' was refused support by the Home Office.

Workers of the world: ROUND UP

  • South Korea: a summer of discontent
  • Free Brazilian landless workers!
  • General strike in Chile
  • Support locked-out Indonesian workers
  • Protests at WTO Cancun, Mexico

South Korea: a summer of discontent

Korea's two union umbrella organisations have agreed to step up their fight against the government's controversial five-day working week bill under discussion in the National Assembly (parliament).

Kingmaker departs

By Sam Ruby

Solidarity obtained some pages from Alistair Campbell's diaries (some he tore out and chucked in the bin).
2 May 1997

New Labour falters: time for the unions to fight!

Tony Blair has agreed to a TUC proposal to set up a "public services forum"-regular meetings between the Government and the unions to discuss the New Labour "reform" agenda for the NHS and other public services. The unions have a right to "advise" the Government on things they oppose! Is this-as the Tories would have it-"a return to beer and sandwiches" politicking? To the days when union leaders and Labour Ministers had a close relationship? The days when Labour Ministers were nominally accountable to the labour movement?

Stop the rot in the Socialist Alliance

In June the Socialist Workers Party packed a meeting of the Birmingham Socialist Alliance with newly signed-up SWP members to remove the entire Executive of the local Alliance-and replace them with SWP members and fellow travellers. The SWP had been promoting the idea of a "Peace and Justice" candidate for next year's Euro-election-mounted jointly with the leaders of the local mosques-that is, an alliance with a religious hierarchy. Comrades in Birmingham, fearing rightly that such an alliance would be a betrayal of independent working-class politics, rejected the SWP policy.

No Sweat shorts

  • Union rights: Haitian Free Trade Zone
  • How to fight sweatshop bosses
  • Nike "fun run"
  • New pamphlet

Union rights: Haitian Free Trade Zone

The Haiti Support Group is campaigning for union rights for workers in Haiti's Free Trade areas. The Group has made the links between the fight at Tarrant, in Mexico, where Tarrant customers include Tommy Hilfiger and Levi's, and the conditions of workers who make for these same companies in Haiti.

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