Solidarity 035, 14 August 2003

The 1983 Heresy Hunt: 4


Sean Matgamna

This is article four in the four part series as originally published in 2003. For an edited version of all four articles click here

Unions must break with Blair

Whatever the detailed results of the enquiry into the death of David Kelly, most people in Britain are sure about one thing: the government lied to us about its reasons for going to war with Iraq.

Who said what and when about the "45 minute" claim-that Saddam could launch weapons of mass destruction with three quarters of an hour's notice-is less important than the simple truth that Blair said that he could, and that he quite patently could not.

Yarls Wood: the government is guilty

By Dale Street

At the time of going to press the jury in the Yarls Wood trial had still to deliver its verdict on the five defendants accused of violent disorder and arson.

A solution for Liberia?

By Matt Cooper

The international pressure that led to the departure of President Charles Taylor and the arrival of a small West African peace-keeping force, with limited US support, has led some sections of the left to denounce an "imperialist intervention".

Workers of the World: ROUND-UP

  • People's United Opposition Party launched in Indonesia
  • Guatemalaen maquila workers' victory
  • Victory in the Hyundai strike
  • Sri Lankan trade unionists under attack
  • Yao Fuxin and Xio Yunliang moved to labour camp
  • Brazil pension reform sparks workers protest

People's United Opposition Party launched in Indonesia

No Sweat events

  • Nike London "fun run"
  • Robert Newman
  • No Sweat at the Edinburgh festival
  • No Sweat training day

Nike London "fun run"

Nike is hosting their annual 10 km charity-PR "fun run" in London's Richmond Park on Sunday 7 September.
Meet No Sweat and GMB London activists to protest against Nike's dreadful labour record from 10.30 at Barnes rail station (trains from Waterloo)
No Sweat protest site:

Mexican workers fight Levi's

By the Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador (CAT - workers' centre)

On 19 July workers at Tarrant Mexico-Ajalpan held a constituent assembly to form an independent union (SUITTAR, or Sindicato Único Independiente de Trabajadores de la Empresa Tarrant México). Seven hundred of the thousand-strong workforce have joined the union.

SUITTAR applied for formal registration for the new independent union. It is common that registrations for independent unions are denied because of the anti-union policies in Mexico.

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