Attendance and Discipline

Unions Reject Sick Covid Policy

Update (2 July): Management have backed down in the face of union opposition. But they have made it clear that they will be back to try this again in future. Tubeworker does not believe that there is any point at which it is OK to discipline someone for not coming to work with a deadly virus. The...

Anti-union laws scupper strike

Despite 74% of those who returned their ballot papers voting to strike, RMT will not be able to call action to win reinstatement for unjustly sacked colleague Gary Carney.

With a turnout of 48%, the ballot result falls just short of the arbitrary 50% threshold applied by the Tories' anti-union...

Drivers: vote yes for action to win reinstatement for Gary Carney!

RMT is balloting driver members across LU for industrial action to win reinstatement for unjustly sacked rep Gary “Gash” Carney.

The ballot opens on 28 May and runs until 29 June. Tubeworker encouragres all RMT driver readers to vote yes, and drivers in Aslef to respect prospective RMT picket...

Central line drivers to strike

Central Line drivers will strike from 21:00 on 5 May to 20:59 on 6 May, as the campaign to win reinstatement for unjustly sacked RMT rep Gary Carney steps up.

Gary was sacked for allegedly “avoiding” a Drugs and Alcohol test, despite having booked off sick before he was even informed about the...

Defend Gary Carney

Gary Carney booked off sick after vomiting at work. For most people, this would be a cause for compassion. For LUL management, it's a reason to sack him.

The company's pretext is that he avoided a Drugs and Alcohol test - but as we all know, when you are summoned to your manager's office for a...

Get symptoms, get disciplined?

At the first sign of Covid symptoms it is essential to stay at home and self isolate in line with NHS guidelines.

This is to keep ourselves safe, our families safe, our colleagues safe, and even strangers safe. It's even to keep the boss safe, though chances are they will be working from home...

Defend Sherelle Cadogan!

Sherelle Cadogan, an I/O and Aslef member, has been given a 12 month suspended dismissal for challenging racism!

A manager posted racist comments on social media, including disparaging Black Lives Matter. Sherelle and others quite rightly, challenged the comments. While the Manager was reported...

Ezra Christian back on the job; fight to get him back on the front!

Ezra Christian, a Bakerloo driver unfairly sacked after an incident for which others involved only received corrective action plans, has been reinstated as a CSA.

This is a big win, not only for Ezra but for his workmates and union branch. It shows the power of solidarity. Bakerloo drivers...

Absence Clampdown? Sick!

One of the orchestra of strings attached to the government financial bailout of TfL is that the company now has to report staff absence data to the government.

This is pretty obviously a precursor to 'improving' attendance figures by cracking the whip once we are back to 'normal' times.

But if...

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