Schedule for our paper over the next few weeks

Submitted by martin on 18 November, 2018 - 2:54

As we hope you've noticed, we've been at pains to restore the regularity of the weekly schedule of our paper and to diminish breaks to that regularity caused, for example, by other publications taking up the time at our office.

However, we still make intelligent adjustments to the outside world.

No.487 will be printed on the night of Thu 22 / Fri 23 Nov, and so reach subscribers probably on Monday 26 November. This adjustment is because the Workers' Liberty annual conference is on the weekend 24-25 November: it would be costly and inefficient to send out papers to reach sellers only shortly before they set out for the conference, rather than have them collect them at the conference at the weekend.

Then to send no.488 to the printer on Tuesday 27 November would mean very little selling time for no.487.

Instead, no.488 will be printed on the night of Tue 4 to Wed 5 December.

No.489 will be printed on the night of Tue 11 to Wed 12 December.

Since labour movement and left meetings are sparse in the last couple of weeks of December, we will then take a Xmas/ New Year break.

No.490 will be printed on the night of Tue 8 to Wed 9 Jan, and then we will be back to the usual schedule.

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