Workers' Liberty 44

The Communist Manifesto and the Russian Revolution

O, sing me not that song again My lovely Nora, dear, The strong, the proud defiant strain It breaks my heart to hear. Charles J Kickham(*) 150 years on from the Communist Manifesto, the spectre that haunts the collective imagination of Europe and the world is not the looming prospect of communism, but the experience of "communism", that is, Stalinism. Ours is an age of disillusionment. We live in the time after the fall of "utopia". Not only is "utopia" discredited and abandoned, so also - and the two are connected - is much that went to make up the old liberal commitment to social progress...

Workers' Liberty 44, January 1998

Click "read more" to see articles. Commentary: The Communist Manifesto and the Russian Revolution Revolt against welfare cuts INLA and the national question A chance to reconstruct The Labour Party Labour should oust Blair Reclaiming the party Diary "Resign!" the most popular call International Korean workers will fight IMF plans Racist gamble in Australia Will Netanyahu fall? Doors close on refugees Will there be a world slump? Is there a gay gene? Berlin: A capital for capital Hot air from Kyoto No fees! No cuts! Lenin traduced As we were saying... The Winnie Mandela Scandal Principles of...

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