Solidarity 498, 8 March 2019

On the streets 23 March!



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Goldman Sachs is reported to be calculating on the basis of a 90% probability of Brexit being delayed or not happening at all. As we go to press on Thursday 7 March, the Tory-supporting Daily Telegraph says that Cabinet ministers now expect another defeat on 12 March.

Antisemitism, transphobia, and misogyny linked?

Natalia Cassidy

In an article published online in December 2018, Joni Alizah Cohen seeks to find a link between the global rise in antisemitism and the rise in transmisogyny.

Deliveroo link-up


Zack, Bristol courier and treasurer of IWGB¬affiliated Bristol Couriers’ Network

On Tuesday 26 February, Deliveroo couriers in Manchester struck from 11 a.m. onwards, demanding better pay and other demands.

They have the same core demands as in many places across the country — £5 per delivery, paid waiting time at £10/hour, £1 per extra mile travelled – plus some extra demands. They have been supported by Manchester IWW. This was the second strike in a fortnight, following the Valentine’s day strike which was part of a nationally co¬ordinated strike, in turn inspired by a series of strikes in Bristol which had started to spread elsewhere.

The voice of doubt and denial on antisemitism

Jim Denham

See also A "plus" where the MSM put a "minus"

Chris Williamson MP told a meeting of Sheffield Momentum on 23 February that on antisemitism: “We’ve backed off far too much, we’ve given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic.”

Conference plans to reshape student movement


Maisie Sanders

Students from eighteen campuses across the UK gathered in Sheffield for the Student Left Network’s first national conference on 2-3 March to discuss reshaping the student movement.

Morning Star: sack Sandy Hale/Alexander Norton!


Mark Osborn

Workers’ Liberty has published a dossier which deals with the actions of a poisonous, secretive clique, “Red London”. This briefing is important reading for any labour movement activist concerned to uphold basic, decent norms and comradeship inside the labour movement.

Bolsonaro’s economist takes aim at workers


Luiza Xavier

Brazil’s newly-elected far-right president Jair Bolsonaro has famously admitted that he does not understand economics, but he doesn’t think that understanding is a necessary qualification for being president. He was “running a political campaign and not studying for university entrance exams”. He stated that all economic policy would come from his adviser Paulo Guedes, a free-market economist and co-founder of Brazil’s free-market think-tank, the “Millenium Institute” in Brazil. Guedes is now Minister for the Economy in the Bolsonaro administration.

A plus where the “MSM” put a minus?


Ralph Peters

The last person who should make Chris Williamson’s claim that “too much ground” has given to those complaining about antisemitism in the Labour Party is Williamson himself.

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