George's not so gorgeous

The myth and the reality

These are exciting times for the Left. George Galloway, the Robert Kilroy-Silk of anti-imperialism, fresh from his glorious election victory over pro-war Blairite MP Oona King in Bethnal Green, has crossed the pond to the US of A to take the war to the lickspittle Republicans...or so goes the tale.

Review: The Edukators

The Edukators are Jan (Daniel Bruhl) and Peter (Stipe Erceg), anti-capitalists with their own ideas for how to build for socialist revolution. With the handy skill of being able to disarm an alarm, they break in to rich people’s houses, go in, and rearrange the furniture. They leave them with the unnerving message “Your days of plenty are numbered”. Directed by Hans Weingartner, his second feature since 2001’s The White Noise, he explains in an interview that, this generation no longer “know how to fight against the system”.

Bolshy Talks to Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is a human rights activist who is a member of the Green Party and the gay rights group OutRage! He is particularly well-known for his criticism of homophobic reggae artists and the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, who he has twice tried to Citizen's Arrest.

**What was it that first made you decide to become politically active?

Hijacked by the Greens

The Green Party has really increased its profile in recent years, particularly among Britain's youth. This has led to a progression in the number of Greens and environmentalists at all sorts of demos, and they've managed to make their anti-war sentiment well known. Beyond this, their stances on issues such as gay and lesbian rights, top-up fees and multinationals have meant that they've been able to attract a number of young people, disaffected by the mainstream parties, looking for a group which can voice their anger at the problems in our society.

No Sweat News - the latest from the campaign


What does Fair Trade mean?

Monday 13 June, 7.30pm
Old Crown, 33 New Oxford St.
(Tubes: Holborn, Tottenham Ct Rd)

Speakers: Carmen Barrada (From the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign) and a No Sweat speaker

Plus: A review of the No Sweat Make Poverty History / G8 Mobilisation - Edinburgh 1 July - 8 July

More info: Karen Johnson 07906 384592


The importance of…. Getting rid of the monarchy

The Queen’s a harmless old bag, isn’t she?

 She may well be, but the monarchy is representative of class rule, inequality and the historic privilege of the aristocracy. A socialist society would have to abolish it and its out-of-date values.

But the Queen doesn’t have any power anyway, does she?

Fight Back Against Blair

In the Queen’s Speech, the grey-haired racist billionaire announced, on behalf of Blair’s government, that the society constructed in Labour’s third term would be based on “respect.” No, not the dodgy communalist lash-up that managed to get some self-obsessed demagogue elected in East London (see elsewhere on this website), but that fluffy universal value that everyone from Ali G to Tony himself are advocates and exponents of.

No to the Islamists!

The war in Iraq was an event that sparked mass protest when over 1 million people marched on the 15th February 2003 in London. Despite this, as we all know, the USA and UK troops continue to occupy Iraq and bomb its civilians and destroy its infrastructure. The result was the devastation of the work and livelihoods of huge numbers of Iraqis. The occupying forces still have done little to rebuild this as the capitalist oil corporations carved up Iraq for oil profits without even caring about the Iraqi people all. This was no war of liberation, but a war for capitalist profit!

The European Social Forum

With the second European Social Forum meeting in Paris this November, "social forums" are suddenly all the rage on the left. But what exactly are they? To understand the social forum movement, you need to know a bit about its history...
World Social Forum

Strike Against Bush!

A Texan ape, strategically shaven and placed in a suit is coming to Britain to celebrate his war in of Iraq in partnership with his best chum, Tony 'smash the unions' Blair.

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