New 'Off The Rails': Defend Your Pension

Submitted by Off The Rails on 21 June, 2007 - 9:59

The new issue of 'Off The Rails' is now available. Examining the interim report of the Rail Pensions Commission, it alerts railworkers to the need to defend our pensions. Other articles include the Network Rail bonus scandal; de-staffing of stations; Central Trains; GrantRail; and more.

Read the articles here; to order printed copies, e-mail Off The Rails.

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Iraq — troops out now? The debate in AWL Anon Thu, 21/06/2007 - 18:04

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has been discussing the question of the troops in Iraq since the end of the last year. The debate will continue at our conference on 19-20 May. Here, two contributions to the debate (note: the second is not a reply to the first).

“Troops out”

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