Nurseries Make Children Feral - Allegedly

Submitted by Janine on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 15:48

Hot news today. Sending your kids to nursery turns them into yobs, yes it does.

Well actually, it doesn't, even according to the report cited - which claims that attending nursery for long hours, especially over 35 hours a week, may bring out anti-social behaviour in children. The report also says that there are benefits as well as potential problems. Pretty damned misleading headline, then - journalism of the standard we have come to expect from the Evening Standard.

According to the Standard's article, this report "will reignite the debate over whether young children are better off being looked after at home". Shouldn't it actually ignite a debate about the long hours that parents work?! Oh no, because that might lead to demands for a shorter working week and stronger flexible working rights, and the Evening Standard's friends and sponsors would not want that. It might damage their profits, and profits, as we know, are far more important than children's - or parents' - welfare.

Hat tip: Sean

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