Annual Leave Increases - Slowly

Submitted by Janine on Thu, 01/02/2007 - 15:18

New Labour has finally decided to increase workers' statutory entitlement to annual leave, to take account of the eight annual public holidays - but the government has made an absurd concession to bosses by giving them over a year and a half to bring in the change.

As previously reported on Jblog, workers in the UK are entitled to a measly 20 days (four weeks) annual leave, and some employers - for example, London Underground's cleaning contractors - could, in effect, give their employees only 12 days off per year.

Today's announcement increases minimum leave by four days from this coming October, and a further four days by October 2008.

Of course it's a welcome step, but it has been a long time coming and it is painfully slow. Meanwhile, the best way to get decent annual leave entitlement is effective workplace organisation in a strong trade union.

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