Sectarian militias kill more trade unionists in Iraq

Submitted by PaulHampton on Sat, 01/20/2007 - 10:56

The reactionary nature of the sectarian militias in Iraq has been demonstrated yet again with the killing of more trade unionists.

On 11 January militia gunmen abducted eight engineers from the Iraqi Oil Ministry as they were travelling to a Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) press conference on fuel price increases. Four of the kidnapped victims were released. One engineer, Abdukareem Mahdi, was later found dead, after being tortured. The other three, Nazar Fattah, Adil Yahia and Ahmed Maulood, remain missing and are presumed dead.

On 16 January, Mohammed Hameed, a FWCUI trade union organiser was among a group of 15 civilians who were randomly gunned down in an open marketplace in southern Baghdad near his home. Hameed had been out on a walk when he was caught in a hail of gunfire.

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