Sign to Save Section 12

Submitted by Janine on Fri, 19/01/2007 - 19:26

Please sign this petition against the government's attempts to weaken fire safety standards in underground railway stations.

As petition creator - RMT activist Kebba Jobe - explains, "Following the 1987 Kings Cross Fire which claimed the lives of 31 people the Fire Precautions (Sub Surface Railways) Regulations were enacted under the Fire Precautions Act. Government has moved to repeal this section of legislation known colloquially as the Section 12 Regulations. Removal of these regulations would dilute the safety measures that have, since the Kings Cross Fire, ensured that Fire Safety across Underground Railways in the UK remains top priority for Rail Operators. Measures currently in place ensure adequate Emergency and Fire Training is given to staff, Equipment is in place for Fire Fighting including Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression. The regulations also address the requirements placed on the Fire Brigade providing a pre-determined level of attendance to fire/smoke incidents on underground Railway systems, should the regulations be repealed there would no doubt be further attempts to close Fire Stations as the mandatory level of attendance would disappear."

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