Rule Book Review Threatens Safety

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 07/12/2006 - 21:27

We have long suspected that management were up to no good with their review of the Working Reference Manual. And as details of their desired rule changes emerge, it seems that we were right. A few examples:

  • Drivers to 'self-dispatch' when applying the rule, instead of getting the right from station staff.
  • Wrong direction movements to be authorised over the train radio rather in person by the Station Supervisor.
  • When applying the rule pas multiple defective signals, drivers not to wait two minutes before passing signals after the first.

These are all dilutions of important safety procedures. And they also downgrade the role of Station Supervisors, flagging up the possibility of further attacks on staffing levels.

The unions need to sound the alarm about these attacks right across the job. And they need to unite to stop them.

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