All Gone To Cock

Submitted by Tubeworker on Wed, 06/12/2006 - 16:04

Cockfosters suffered staffing cuts when the shorter working week came in - although a concerted fight by local union activists meant they were much less severe than originally proposed.

But the effects of the cuts have now been made much worse by management inadequacy. A few examples: SAMF duties left uncovered; Supervisors working alone for hours on end; ticket machine queues stretching across the ticket hall and beyond; gents public/staff toilets closed for a week without advice to customers or staff; temporary male toilets provided, but no posters to inform drivers; car park exit blocked by refurb but again no posters to advise passengers.

This adds up to chaos for station staff, drivers, and passengers. Hey, perhaps if Tube workers and passengers managed the stations, it would be done properly. But as it is, the "management" is done (or not done) by people in far-away offices who do not have to face the consequences.

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