Just Don't Call Me The First Lady

Submitted by Janine on Sat, 25/11/2006 - 11:53

John Leach has won the election to be National President of the RMT for the next three years. John is my partner, but RMT activists will be aware that I don't subscribe to the Tammy Wynette school of trade unionism, and regularly refuse to stand by my man on industrial issues. But I am convinced he was the best candidate in this election, and am delighted to say that he romped home.

The members voted for a representative who would fight the employers rather than cosy up to them.

Here are the scores on the doors:

Jimmy Corbett 843
Trevor Jordan 933
Ray Knight 3651
John Leach 5649
Michele Rodgers 2035

Jimmy Corbett eliminated
Trevor Jordan 1092 (+90)
Ray Knight 3874 (+223)
John Leach 5781 (+132)
Michele Rodgers 2226 (+191)

Trevor Jordan eliminated
Ray Knight 4134 (+260)
John Leach 6028 (+247)
Michele Rodgers 2648 (+422)

Michele Rodgers eliminated
Ray Knight 5141 (+1007)
John Leach 6865 (+837)

Readers who followed an argument on another blog during the election campaign might note that the election did in fact turn out to be between John Leach and Ray Knight, and that the majority of Michele's transfers went to Ray, the right-wing candidate.

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