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Submitted by Janine on Sun, 12/11/2006 - 14:50

You wouldn't usually catch me advertising Christmas cards, but this seems a worthy exception, so here goes ...

BEHNAM ASKARI is a young Iranian student whose threatened deportation with his family to face persecution in Iran brought protests by staff and fellow-students at his school, Quintin Kynaston, in St.Johns Wood.

Behnam's art had already attracted notice while he was at school, and he is now at St.Martin's School of Art. His work above, for Asylum Aid, depicts a diminutive human figure fleeing for refuge, across a barren landscape, while the doves of peace are tethered.

I have used it to introduce the letter below from Ruth Appleton, on behalf of the Sante refugee Mental Health Access project, of which she is co-ordinator. Behnam has designed a card for them, although unfortunately Ruth did not attach an illustration, but I hope the above [on this website, you have to log in to see pictures] will give some idea of his expressive colourful style, as well a relevance to the cause.

Dear Friend,

Could you distribute this for us please? Many thanks,

Don't Buy Christmas Cards! Santé Project has printed our own, designed by Behnam Askari, a young Iranian Asylum seeker, student at St Martin's School of Art. He sent his card to Tony Blair last year but no reply was received. This year he is collaborating with Santé Project and selling his card to raise funds for the Project and his Asylum Campaign. The card is being printed right now so don't buy any others. Save your money and support his and our project. Orders can be for
10 @ £7.50- including postage or 5 @ £4-. (They are 60p each but add 50p each for postage).

Many thanks,

Ruth Appleton Co-ordinator Santé Refugee Mental Health Access Project 12 Salcombe Lodge Lissenden Gds NW5 1LZ 020 7482 2903

E-mail the Santé project.

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