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Submitted by Janine on Mon, 30/10/2006 - 22:11

I've only just noticed that Luke Akehurst has posted a blog entry about the latest Hackney Socialist Unity leaflet. I can't work out how to post a direct link to it, so you'll have to visit his October archive and scroll down to the 18th. That's if you've got nothing better to do, like the Autumn mulching for instance.

Luke's cage seems a little rattled.

He quotes our argument that "socialists need to stand against Labour candidates who are directly attacking the working class" then helpfully points out that "strangely this lot only stood in Hackney Central, a ward with three quite publicly non-Blairite Labour councillors". I say "helpfully" because wherever this public non-Blairism is, we haven't noticed it round these parts. Perhaps they complain about Blair over a beer after Hackney Council meeting, who knows? What we do know is that they tried to have our estate privatised and demolished last year, and that counts as "directly attacking the working class" to me, whether you're a big Blair fan or not.

Luke continues "And not content with inciting entryism into selected ward parties they want to pack the GCs with union delegates too."

And then ends with the rip-roaringly funny "This "fake-Labour careerist" is sharpening his metaphorical Ramon Mercador memorial icepick, dusting off his Rulebook and reaching for his list of proscribed organisations. Stand-by to repel boarders!"

I can't really be arsed to engage in a ping-pong with Luke about the rights and wrongs of expulsions - it would be the equivalent of arguing with Oliver Reed about the rights and wrongs of booze. So I'll just pause to say:

  • Trade unions are not actually proscribed organisations. Yet.
  • Affiliated trade unions - aka. the organisations that founded, fund and mobilise votes for the Labour Party - sending delegates to GC meetings does not constitute "packing". It constitutes working-class representation.
  • At least when Trots practice 'entryism', they do so in order to help Labour become what it is supposed to be - a socialist, working-class political party. The right wing enters the Labour Party in order to transform it into its opposite - the political servant of the capitalist class.
  • Comparing yourself to a murderer? That's either supreme arrogance or a self-esteem problem.
  • Ever thought of having the arguments rather than just kicking people out?
  • Scared of something, are you?

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