Hackney: Worst Place To Live In Britain?

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 24/10/2006 - 17:00

It's that time of year again, when stuck-up TV presenters decide that they know best which are the 'best' and 'worst' places in Britain to live. And, according to a programme on Channel Four this Thursday, this year's top hell-hole is Hackney.

Er, excuse me, but what the F*** do you know, Phil Spencer/Sofie Allsop?! You don't live here! In fact, you apparently think that the posher the town, the nicer it is to live in, and especially recommend Epsom and Horsham.

No thanks. Hackney's a great place to live and I wouldn't live anywhere else. Obviously, the criteria of the survey did not include 'buzzing multi-cultural community' or 'not full of snobs'.

I did enjoy this relatively amusing Guardian article sticking one up to the posh Allsop sisters and their snotty co-host.

Meanwhile, there are no-doubt justified complaints from Strabane (eighth) and Manchester (tenth), but relief from Hull, which has been knocked off its perch by Hackney.

Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe responded by saying: "Of course Hackney has problems, as do all inner city boroughs, but it is an amazing place to live." Somehow, I manage to agree with both halves of his sentence whilst being totally annoyed by them too. Why? Because Pipe and his Council bear at least some of the blame for Hackney's problems. And because Channel 4 has enabled Pipe to dress himself up as champion of Hackney against its detractors.

Don't forget though, dear reader, that Channel 4 and its aristocratic, prejudiced, snobby presenters are trying to get you to watch their show by offending you and the place you live. So don't watch it. There will doubtless be something better on another channel. Why? Because, to paraphrase Giles, "There just has to be."

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