Bring Me Sunshine?!

Submitted by Janine on Mon, 02/10/2006 - 15:31

"Let sunshine win the day" says David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party.

Sunshine? From the Tories?! Right - that'll be like the sunshine that shone down on mining communities when the last Tory government closed their pits, yeah? Or the sunshine streaming in through the letterboxes of working-class households when their Poll Tax bills arrived? Or perhaps the sunshine that drove teenagers to suicide when they saw no future in Thatcher's Britain? Or the sunshine that brightened the days of victims of queerbashing attacks in the wake of the Tories' Section 28?

And was the Tory Sun not shining when the Party opposed every single progressive measure to benefit the working class ever?! From opposing votes for people who did not own property, to opposing the establishment of the NHS, to opposing the the minimum wage. Yeah, let the sun shine down on the heads of the poor but grateful. Not.

This vile Party will only ever let the Sun shine on bosses and the filthy rich. For the rest of us it's dark clouds ahead if this right-wing goon gets elected.

It sure is good to be reminded that however much New Labour pisses me off, the Conservative Party really is the scum of the earth.

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