Two marketing ploys that annoy me

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 20/06/2006 - 20:51
  1. Bottled water is good for you.

    "Drinking eight glasses of Aqua water a day is good for you." I don't recall the exact brand name, but that is definitely what the label told me.

    And yes, it's true. But only inasmuch as drinking eight glasses of any clean water is good for you - including other brands, and including the stuff that comes out of the taps free of charge at the point of use.

  2. Free delivery.

    Yes, the curry house does free delivery! Huraah! And it also offers a 10% discount for collection! Another hurrah!

    Except that ... erm ... that means that having it delivered costs more than collecting it, then. So in what sense is delivery "free"?! Only in the sense that "free" in fact means "more expensive".

PS. I'm thinking of doing these "stuff that annoys me" posts on a regular basis. Perhaps on a monthly cycle.

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