Crisis in SSP

Submitted by AWL on 15 June, 2006 - 12:57

See below for news and views on the crisis in the SSP.

  • here for the "open letter" by Tommy Sheridan denouncing McCombes and other SSP leaders;
  • here for the decisions of the SSP special National Council of 28/05/06;
  • here for the report in the Scotsman of 5 June of a speech by George Galloway backing Sheridan and denouncing the SSP for "Trotskyite Calvinism"; and here for the Scotsman's report that Respect is planning to intervene;
  • here for the Scottish Socialist Voice editorial of 8 June;
  • here for Tommy Sheridan's second letter, calling a special SSP conference;
  • here for Tommy Sheridan's letter to the SSP's paper, Scottish Socialist Voice, of 8 June;
  • here for the new "SSP United Left" faction launched by supporters of the SSP leadership majority;
  • here for the new faction launched by supporters of Tommy Sheridan;
  • here for "Defend the SSP! Oppose a split!", notes written up following a discussion on the AWL National Committee on 17 June;
  • here for the comment in Solidarity (1 June);
  • here for another view, from Stan Crooke;
  • here for the view from the CWI tendency in the SSP (supporters of the Socialist Party in England and Wales);
  • here from the view from the Socialist Worker tendency in the SSP (supporters of the SWP in England and Wales);
  • here for other material from the AWL and the Solidarity tendency of the SSP.


Submitted by Janine on Wed, 07/06/2006 - 11:15

Seems to me that Galloway is attacking the SSP for not showing Tommy Sheridan the same fawning deference that Respect shows to him.

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