Election day

Submitted by Janine on Thu, 04/05/2006 - 21:45

Finally, the day of voting has come. I should be out doing some last-ditch campaigning, but I tripped over a kerb on the Pembury estate today and sprained my ankle, so am at home resting it. Ah well - only an hour and a bit to go anyway.

Today's Hackney Gazette put a big smile on my face. Page 4 carried a story about the PCS's strike in the Department for Work and Pensions over the last two days, illustrated by a big photo of my fellow socialist candidate Charlie McDonald on the picket line. Page 5 told readers of TfL's threat to privatise the East London Line, chocker with quotes from yours truly about the determination of trade unionists to fight it, including with strike action if necessary. Good stuff.

The count is not til tomorrow morning, and I'm not going to analyse the campaign in detail on this blog tonight. Only to say ... However many votes Charlie and I get, I'm dead pleased we stood, because by doing so, we gave working-class people in this ward the chance to vote in their own interests, and we kept socialism on the agenda when sections of the left are following the example of the Labour leadership and dumping any mention of it.

We also did some really good stuff in the campaign, got quite a lot of people involved, and are already setting out plans to follow up. My personal follow-up, though, will be to go into Bart's hospital on Tuesday morning to have an operation on my eye. Wish me well.

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