Galloway: Anyone But Labour?

Submitted by Janine on Tue, 02/05/2006 - 13:52

Thanks to Jim for passing on this woeful snippet.

Today's Metro News carries a "60 Second Interview" with the Gorgeous One. The final question is "How can a Metro reader make the world a better place?", to which he replies:

"The most immediate thing is to vote for anybody but Tony Blair on May 4th. If Blair can claim a victory, you'll have him for the next three and a half years and we will get everything we fear and more. If, however, May 4th is a disaster for New Labour, they will have him out by the end of summer and that's a prize worth fighting for".

Do I have to explain why this is such an awful thing to say? Or just note that, since Tony Blair is not actually standing in Thursday's local election, he means "Vote anyone but Labour" - Tories? LibDems? UKIP? BNP? Any old independent / fruitcake, regardless of their politics?!?

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